31 Days of Life in a Large Family – Day 17

My boys are sick. It started with Elijah and now Isaiah has it, too. That means breathing treatments every 4 hours and sleepless nights.

Both boys were born with asthma. It was really bad when they were babies. They both had to have breathing treatments morning, noon, and night. Elijah was very noisy and sounded horrible. Isaiah was very quiet and we didn’t even think he had a problem until the doctor listened to his lungs and said his wheeze was actually worse than Elijah’s.

Isaiah HATED the breathing treatments! He would scream and cry and try to pull the mask off his face. Elijah was the total opposite. It was like he knew it would make him feel better and as soon as his treatment started he would fall asleep.

Now, they both just sit there like nothing. Everytime they have to get a treatment at the doctor’s office or hospital the nurses are always impressed with how well they handle it. And there have been many trips to the hospital because of it. Elijah has been hospitalized 3 times. Once with bronchiolitis and twice with pneumonia. Because of his asthma, when he gets sick he has a hard time coughing up all the phlegm in his lungs. Luckily, Isaiah has not had to be hospitalized.

Now, we only have to use their inhaler and do the treatments when they are sick. If we start them early enough then we usually can stay out of the ER. Lord willing, maybe, one day they won’t need them anymore. But for now, this is our days while they are sick, and I thank God that it’s not as bad as it was.

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