31 Days of Life in a Large Family – Day 14

Today was the day we switched from summer clothes to winter clothes. I think it is early this year than it has been in awhile. We usually don’t get our first cold night until October 31st. Our days have been getting pretty chilly the last week or so. At least my kids and I think so.

I have to do the clothes switch while Michael is at work, otherwise it makes him nervous. ;\ It’s understandable though, because this is what it looks like while it is happening.

This year I was actually a little more organized about it then years past. Just imagine that much clothes x5 all over. I decided to do one child at a time instead of all at once. It went a lot faster this time.

I started with Grace and had her bring me all of her clothes and gave her all the winter clothes I had that would fit her. Then I had Hope bring me all of her clothes and she got to trade all that she had for the same amount of winter clothes (so, like, she gave me a summer shirt I gave her a winter one and she gave me a pair of shorts and I gave her a pair of pants.) Since she is the 2nd child she has twice as many clothes as Grace does to choose from.

And then there is Mercy who is the 3rd child and has hand-me-downs from 2 sisters and our close friend’s daughter and any clothes that people buy her new. Let’s just say that she has A LOT of clothes to choose from. 😊

She loves it!

I gather up all her summer clothes and make a pile of winter clothes for her to try on. And that’s what she does for about a half hour. The whole time enjoying herself and commenting on how pretty these pants are and that shirt is.

Meanwhile, Grace keeps coming in the room complaining about something that Hope got this year that was Grace’s last year and it might still fit her because she just got it last year and that means it has to still fit her! (Is that one sentence? Seems kinda long. Oh well. 😉) And I have to remind her one more time that is how clothes work. They start with Grace, then to Hope, and then to Mercy. She says, “oh ya”, and off she goes. I think she gets a little jealous that the other girls have more to choose from.

This is what it looks like when we are all done. Everything nice and neatly put back in the closet.

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2 Responses to 31 Days of Life in a Large Family – Day 14

  1. mithriluna says:

    Good for you! I’m am horribly unorganized.

  2. wow! busy bee! 🙂

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