31 Days of Life in a Large Family – Day 12

I bet you were expecting to see another one of my children featured today 😏…..

But, I wasn’t with them today for very long so, I didn’t get any good pictures of them to share with you.

Michael and I went to an equipping seminar for children’s ministry workers. We got to pick 4 workshops to go to and learn about different things.

We picked (#1)Fundraising, (#2)Outreach Ideas, (#3)How to get their Attention, and (#4)Children’s church, Chaos or Christ. We got a bunch of great ideas and learned some new stuff.

Our kids were being watched, by the girls who work at our church nursery, at our church. They said they had a lot of fun. 😊 I’m glad, because they were there almost all day.

Then when we got home and this is what we worked on.

See how dusty it is!

We are in the middle of a small kitchen remodel. We tore up the tile (because it was coming up), tore down a wall that was dividing the kitchen from the dining room (to make more room), and we got rid of a gigantic island (that was just to big for us). We got a new pantry, smaller island, and we are going to (hopefully) paint the concrete. I say we, but really I should be saying Michael will be painting the concrete. I picked out the design and color though. 😁

I can’t wait until it is done and all the dust is gone! I can’t wait to see how the floor will turn out, too! I will post pictures when we are finished.

Here is a picture from before we tore the wall down.

That’s the island in the picture, also.

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One Response to 31 Days of Life in a Large Family – Day 12

  1. amy says:

    It will be beautiful soon πŸ™‚

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