31 Days of Life in a Large Family – Day 4 : Dishes

This is what happens in a large family when you forget to run the dishwasher before bed. (This is just the night before’s dinner and the morning’s breakfast dishes. We still had the rest of the day to create more dirty dishes! 😮 )

Actually, first what happens is, your child will put away all the dishes from the dishwasher before you remember that you didn’t run it. Then, after finding dirty dishes when you go to use a clean one, same child must try to remember what was in the dirty dishwasher and put it back in there.

Meanwhile, another child is screeching about not being able to eat lunch because the silverware in the drawer are disgusting and look like they have gross boogers on them, and it has ruined her appetite! Because, for some reason, dirty dishes look even more disgusting if they are right next to clean ones.

When you have a large family it is imperative to run your dishwasher at least twice a day. (Unless, of course, you wash them by hand, or you use throwaway stuff; neither of which I do very often.) Because, if you don’t it will gross out your overly dramatic child and look like your sink is vomiting.

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One Response to 31 Days of Life in a Large Family – Day 4 : Dishes

  1. amy says:

    Oh, how I loathe the dishes! I’m so glad I don’t have as many as you!!! 😉

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