31 Days of Life in a Large Family – Day 25

Tonight was Family Fun Night at our church. It was a costume party.

Mercy won for best child costume and I won for best adult costume! Everyone had a lot of fun!

Here are some pictures of everyone all dressed up! 🙂 Can you guess who everyone is?

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31 Days of Life in a Large Family – Day 24

Today was a high stress level morning.

It started with the boys waking up at 5. That’s the same time I get up. That means no quiet time this morning. I only got to read half of what I usually read in my Bible. 😦

Isaiah threw one of his horribly loud and obnoxious fits within an hour of being up. When he does I just put him in his room and ignore it unless he starts throwing things. But it sure is annoying and I knew it was going to wake up the girls sooner or later.

Mercy was up at 6:20 and then Grace and Hope shortly after.

While they were eating breakfast and getting ready for school I decided it was about time to vacuum out the couch. I took all the cushions off and sucked up all the crumbs and then vacuumed the cushions. I put the couch back together and told the boys they could sit on it again. Went to do something and came back to Elijah’s cup full of Cheerios spilt all over the cushions I just vacuumed! After cleaning them up he moved to the other side of the couch and spilt them again! 😛

Then we had school, and I think sometimes the girls don’t wake up their brains when they get up in the morning. Both older girls had a review for math and let’s just say it was more than a little frustrating.

And what’s that……

The boys are being unusually quiet?

We all know what that means!

Isaiah had opened my bedroom door and all 3 boys (I watch our friend’s 1 year old 2 days a week) were playing with stuff off my nightstand including my change box. So, I got them out and had to lock my door. I had to unlock it every time I needed to go in there and lock it every time I left. And of course when I left it unlocked because I knew I was going right back in there, Isaiah beat me to it. That time I think he was feeding the baby my money. 😮

That was all before lunch!!!

But then there was nap time and that kinda helped me to relax. 😉 And now it’s bedtime and it’s helping a little more. Although, I think ice cream might make it even better! (hint..hint…Michael) 😀

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31 Days of Life in a Large Family – Day 23

All the kids are getting over their sickness except Elijah. His fever just won’t stay gone. 😦

I took him to see his doctor this morning. The doctor said his throat was really red and swollen, but he had a negative strep test. He has fluid behind his eardrums, but no ear infection. His lungs sound bad, but his blood oxygen level was 99%.

The doctor said a virus wouldn’t have caused him to have a fever for this long. So, he put him on a dose of antibiotics, extended his oral steroids for 3 more days, and told me to keep doing his breathing treatments. If his fever is not gone by Friday then he has to go back to the doctor’s office.

I’m hoping that the medicine works and he feels better quick!

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31 Days of Life in a Large Family – Day 22

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the kids.

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31 Days of Life in a Large Family – Day 21


Today was bread making day. We were down to a couple slices and I figured I better make some more before we were completely out. My children can’t go 1 day without bread. Someone always has toast for breakfast or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.

I love baking and one of our good friends continually blesses us with 50# bags of organic bread flour. The last one they gave us was whole wheat! I was very happy! 😀

This is the recipe I use for our sandwich bread. It tastes good and the kids love it. It makes 2 loaves. I wanted to see if I could double it and make 4 loaves at once. It didn’t work out so well. It was way too much dough for my mixer! 😛


That picture was before I added 6 more cups of flour. :/ I’m not a very good judge on size.

It started spitting the flour all over the place! I thought, well, maybe if I took some dough out I could mix it and then mix the dough I took out and then combined the two. Haha! It didn’t work out like that. I ended up having to just knead the dough by hand in a very large bowl and add a little flour at a time to make up for all the flour it spit at me.

Oh well. Now I know and I got an arm workout! 😉


That’s the bread before I let it rise…


And then after.


In the pans…


And then in the oven.

We love to eat it warm out of the oven with some butter! Mmmmm…..

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31 Days of Life in a Large Family – Day 19

Today was our church’s Pumpkin Patch. We put it on for the children’s ministry. This was our 2nd year having it.

We get a bunch of pumpkins and set them up in patch of sand on the side of the sanctuary. The kids come and get to pick a pumpkin to carve. This year we even had some little pumpkins for the younger kids to paint.

Michael painted faces and we had sack races and a pumpkin seed spitting contest. Grace won the seed spitting contest with a distance of 14 feet! Second place was 8.5 feet.

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31 Days of Life in a Large Family – Day 18

Another long day.

Last night we made a trip to urgent care for a fever that shot up to 104.9 (under the arm). They did a chest x-ray and said no sign of pneumonia but his lungs were inflamed.

We got home at 10pm. He was up at 6:30am and both boys wouldn’t take a nap today. I think he’s tired. 😉

He is feeling a little better though and the doctor put him on a dose of steroids to help his lungs fight this.

Isaiah is fine except for his nasty cough and slight wheeze. He’s even been running around like nothings the matter.

Hope and Mercy are now coughing. And I’m sure Grace will have it in no time. That’s just how it is. If more than one kid gets it, then they all will. At least with the girls we don’t have to worry about the asthma problems.

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